Be Positive

Hello! I am 101% sure you enjoyed your Christmas and Boxing Day Celebrations. I hope you were able to create time to stay in touch with your family and friends. I am sure you are positive!

Towards an engaging and eventful 2017, I shall be sharing with you ‘maintaining a positive attitude’. 

Positivism: My Definition

A Positivist is the one with the ability to remain true, calm and optimistic in every situations of life. A positive mind is a mindset that see good at every bad situation. A positive mind see light at the end of every tunnel. He sees a way out of every impasse he may face.

Positive Minds are Limitless

The optimistic mind is limitless as the biblical Joshua and Caleb who were never intimidated by the Giants occupying the land they have been destined to inherit. Their fellow (the spy) gave a negative remark about their adventure saying ‘ They were like ants!’ What a pessimistic mindset! Thanks To the Positive Joshua and Caleb who did believe and were positive and the two acquired the land even with their people!

Positive Minds are Faith Based Not Fact Based

A positive mind is not fact based but faith based! He  steps out in faith and is never limited by facts. Facts a times may limit your potential. Looking through your potentials, skills, abilities, background, and clinging to them could make demoralize you and make you incapacitated; unable to achieve greater feat. Developing a faith based mindset will sure make you soar high above those facts and limitation and you will in no time be a high flyer!

My Projections

I see in year 2017, more windows of opportunities, exploits, successes, achievements being opened in every area of life and every sector of the economy! Only those with a positive mindsets, taking a bold and faith based steps will see great things done through and by them!

Friend! Why not join the chariots of Exploit as we cruise 2017 by Faith and Making ‘positivism’ our pilot to exploit!

See You Flying come 2017

Have a nice day!

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