As You Grow Old! Grow Up!!! II

Growing old is inevitable for all living things! All living things are designed to wear out due to the imperfection the world has tasted due to the Fall of the first man (according to the Holy Writ). Hence the need to Grow Up.

As we ruminate and draw strength from the frailty of man! At last, Man can heave a sigh of relief because We all have the capacity to ‘Grow Up’.

The Higher Power above us has shut in us the ability to make grow not only in stature but in capacity, intellect, wisdom and even in the supernatural. We are unlimited and our growing up is without limit because He (our creator) pre-dates time.

The year beaconing on us is filled with its own bags of ills and goods! You must be determined to make a choice to grow up. Unpalatable Situation may arise in your life, relationship, marriage, career and the likes. They will surface! They are not meant to kill you but make you grow. 

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I hope you will join me in making a pledge to Grow Up even as we add more days to our life! Note this that You are what you make yourself to become in 2017!

As you Grow Old, Grow Up!

Have a nice day!!!

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