As you Grow Old, Grow Up!

I was flipping through one of my books today as I desire to learn and add value to my life. The book is about the theme ‘Faith’. One quote that caught my attention goes thus ‘Growing Old is mandatory but Growing Up is Optional!’

Growth is the ability to increase in size, ability and function. Growth is an added ability that basically all things must undergo! Although, it could be growing old or growing up!

Growing Old and Growing Up Dynamics

Growing Old has a contrasting attribute as compared to growing Up! When something, someone, some place grow old, It tends to lose its relevance, ability and agility which may be as a function of physical, spiritual environmental factors and the likes that has interacted with such a thing!

Growing up is really not a function of age but a function of choice, determination and purpose! The quotes is quite instructive as growing up is a matter of deep seated choices made by y category of individual. The choice you make affect your Growing Up!

Growing Old is as a result of the Law of diminishing Returns while Growing Up obeys the Law of relevance! When a mind grows up, It is matured and can withstand any limitations, setbacks, challenges and will thus raise the trophy of victory at the end!

Friend, I urge you to dare to grow up as you grow old! Dare to do things out of the ordinary! Love more! Give more, share more, encourage more, lead more as you reach for a successful year 2017! 

Have a Nice Day!

#CountdownTo2017 #9DaysToGo!


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