#CountDown To 2017: Now is the Time To Take Stock

Now is the Time to Take Stock

The advantage of stock taking cannot be overemphasised! Year 2016 has been quite an eventful year for you! Full of its ups and downs, stresses, challenges, milestones and success stories! I personally can attest to the fact that it is a year of great feat!

Stock taking is not only for corporate establishments, NGOs, Fortune 500, MDAs, or business owners! While stock taking is good for corporate entity, It is really very essential for those running them! I mean YOU!

Every Department in an establishment is expected to present a well prepared reports of their activities for the year in view. Things to note from such report may include but not limited to Financial Accounts (which may include ; Income and Expenditure, profits, losses, growth rate, Assets procurement etc), Remarkable Events (Social, economical, and perhaps spiritual) and their impact on the company, and many more that has shapened the overall Growth of the corporate entity! All this you need to do as an individual as you prepare for a colourful 2017.

Advantages of Taking Stock

Measure Your Success!

You cannot measure your success if you don’t take stock. Tracking your efforts, deadlines, milestones is never a child’s play most especially for the year that is gradually winding down! It avails you the opportunity to track your successes, highlight your failures and helps you to look for ways of engaging your might to turn failures to success!

Can you set aside some minutes today to be analytic as you measure your success in 2016

Have a Nice Day!

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